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Your Las Vegas, Your Adventure

When you think of Las Vegas activities, gambling, partying, and concerts may come to mind. Looking for something different? Consider an escape game at in an amazing escape room at Mind Twist Escape Experience located on the Las Vegas Strip! Las Vegas escape rooms, escape room companies, and escape rooms across the country have been all the craze the past few years, and for good reason. Our Las Vegas escape room provides fun ways to pass the time, build team work, and party! An escape room in Las Vegas is so much fun for dates, birthday parties, bachelor party/bachelorette party, workplace team building, a private experience, and just an afternoon out with friends and family members. Call or schedule your Las Vegas escape room experience now!

You may wonder: what exactly do you do in an escape room? You are “locked” in a private room with your escape games team (usually up to 8-10 people). Your goal is to progress through the escape games and escape the room before time runs out. Each escape game has variable difficulty levels! It’s not always easy and you can’t do it alone. So pick your escape room Las Vegas team well! You’ll need to work with your team members to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and crack codes. If you love games and enjoy solving problems, you’re sure to have a blast in a Las Vegas escape room game!

Your Adventure Now


Mind Twist Escape Experience, located on the Las Vegas Strip, offers some of the best escape rooms in Las Vegas! Skip the Forum Shops and come on down to the mall! They will get your adrenaline going with jump scares and get your creative juices flowing like no other escape rooms have! We offer something for everyone in Las Vegas, so check out one of our affordable rooms today. Do you have what it takes to win the Las Vegas escape game?!?

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Top Escape Room
In The World!

Morty, a local listing for the best escape games in the world, have chosen Alice’s Dream as one of the best games in the world!

Alice’s dream is our most popular escape room and many people are raving about it! Check it out today and schedule your time for you and your friends to experience the time of your life!

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Mind Twist Escape Experience

Our Las Vegas Escape Rooms

All Rooms Are Private

What is an Escape Room?

Embarking on an escape room adventure immerses you in a thrilling 60-minute interactive challenge. Gather your team and step into a captivating themed room, each with its own exciting mission awaiting discovery. Together, you'll decipher clues, solve puzzles, and conquer obstacles to achieve your ultimate objective. Unlike virtual gaming experiences, escape rooms offer a genuine, hands-on environment that stimulates all your senses. Dive into a world that feels straight out of a blockbuster movie set, where every twist and turn brings you closer to an exhilarating triumph.

What are the Basic Rules of an Escape Game?

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  1. Freedom to Exit: You’re never trapped! If you need a breather or a quick exit, just head back through the door you entered from.
  2. Phone and Personal Items: Keep the focus on the game! Phones, coats, and purses stay outside the room. We’ll keep them safe for you.
  3. Race Against Time: You’ve got 60 minutes to crack the code and escape! Win or lose, capture the moment with a picture to share on your socials!
  4. Keep Secrets Inside: Shhh! What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! No spoilers! Don’t spill the beans on puzzles or clues; let others enjoy the challenge too.
  5. Handle with Care: Props are part of the fun, but please treat them gently. Any accidental damages might incur charges, so be cautious!
  6. Our Call: We’re the game masters! We reserve the right to pause or stop the game for any reason.
  7. Safety First: No acrobatics! Stay off the furniture, and if you can’t reach something, we’ll provide a tool to lend a hand.
  8. Leave It Alone: Hands off the switches and outlets! They’re most likely not part of the puzzle.
  9. Respect the Locks: No brute force! If a lock won’t budge, ask for help instead of forcing it.
  10. One Key, One Lock: Keys and combos are one-time use only. Once you’ve unlocked one puzzle, lock, or door please leave the key or combo where you found it.
  11. Clue Calling: Need a nudge in the right direction? Just ask! We’ll offer unlimited hints when requested.
  12. Think Before You Act: Some actions can’t be undone! Be careful not to spoil the fun for everyone by accidentally ruining a clue. Think twice before making a move that can’t be taken back! (It may just make it so you can’t complete your task..)
  13. Have Fun!
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Mind Twist Escape Experience

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