Stag Party

Based on the fan-favorite Hangover movies, Mind Twist brings you the Stag Party escape room in Las Vegas, NV. You and your friends partied SO HARD last night and you’re sure you had so much fun. . .  but you can’t remember a thing.  How’d a motorcycle get in here?  Who broke the front door?  OMG where’s the RING?!?!  It’s your buddy’s wedding day and the ceremony starts in an hour.  You better retrace your drunken steps, find the ring, find a way out, and don’t be the idiots that ruin the wedding!

Vegas is known for over-the-top fun and for bachelor/bachelorette parties. We combined it all and created the ultimate party escape room to make sure you have a good time in Vegas. Our Hangover escape room offers everything you would want for your bachelor party and more! Get your friends together for a fun-filled and unforgettable night

$35 /person
($40 on weekends)

had an hour to escape the room! it was different than most escape rooms ive been to but the story line and puzzles were there, along with a twist (pun intended). will be coming again and trying a different room!!

– Tiffany A.