Looking for A Great Team Building Activity?

Companies are always looking for fun team building activities for their employees to engage in to celebrate an accomplishment, such as the end of a stressful project or the addition of new team members! That is where we step in to help! 

Raise your hand if you want to go to happy hour for the millionth time? No one? I wonder why. Why don’t you come celebrate on the strip in Las Vegas! It might surprise you, but you don’t have to drink or gamble to have a great time in this city. If you want your team to experience a fun team building game without the typical partying experience (complete with hangovers and regrets), why not consider Mind Twist Escape Rooms? Even if you do want the party scene, we are still the place to be for your next team building exercises!

Many companies choose escape rooms for corporate team building games. Our escape rooms and party space are very popular for local or traveling businesses because they’re conducive to creative thinking, building company culture, and flat out fun team bonding time! And it’s likely that your team could benefit from out team building activities that allow them to work together and use their skills to reach a common goal—escaping the room & being the winning team! 

The captivating experience that you receive inside the escape rooms at Mind Twist Escapes aren’t typical. Everyone remembers having to do a trust fall with one of your team members, but have you ever had to put your life in their hands? (Of course figuratively speaking) These are not your boring old office activities that happen in your board room. In fact, they’re fun, hour-long activities that will keep the entire team on their toes. So don’t bore your team with speeches full of company jargon. Bring them to Mind Twist Escapes for one of the best team building activities on the strip and watch them have fun as they create the building blocks of a great company culture! Contact us today to book our event space and rooms for your next team building activity!

  • Team Bonding. By working with your team, you’ll get to know them better and maybe even form a bond with them. Your co-worker could become your new best friend!

  • Competition. In an escape room, you have to solve puzzles and tasks. It can be a fun way to compete against your co-workers.

  • Time Management. You have just one hour to complete the tasks and escape the room, so there’s no time to mess around. You’ll learn how to prioritize and manage your time well.

  • Other skills. Escape rooms are great in so many ways. Sharpen your concentration, improve your memory, and even come out of the room with a better, more positive attitude.

Benefits of Using Escape Rooms for Team Building Activities

Escape rooms may seem like a fun activity that you would do with friends and family members, but they offer a lot of benefits for companies as well. You and your co-workers will work together to reach a common goal. How? By communicating. Here are some ways in which escape rooms can benefit you, whether you’re an employer or employee:

  • Communication skills. To solve the puzzle and escape the room, you’ll need to work together, which means you’ll need to communicate. Think you know how to solve the puzzle? Tell your team. You’ll learn to speak up and share your ideas.

  • Personal Development. Tired of the typical ice breaker exercises you’re forced to do to introduce yourself and get people to know you? How about a fun team building activity? Escape rooms are a fun and innovative way to get people to be themselves and share information that they might not normally share with others.

  • Problem Solving Skills. Escaping the room is a goal you all want to meet, but to meet it, you’ll need to solve problems together. Lean on your skills as well as the skills of others on your team to communicate effectively and solve the puzzles.

  • Learn each other’s abilities. This can be especially beneficial for building leadership skills. Escape rooms can help you learn each person’s traits. For example, you can find out who is creative or analytical. Which team member sees the patterns? Who is detail-oriented? Who can see the bigger picture?
  • Take risks. In a corporate environment, a risk can result in financial implications. You could lose your company a lot of money. But in a game environment, everything goes. Take a risk and see what happens. There won’t be any negative consequences. It’s not like anyone is going to die!
  • Have fun. Hey, you’re not spending the hour in the office dealing with customers and doing monotonous work, so have fun in the escape room. It’s a unique experience unlike any other. If you’ve never been in one, prepare to have a lot of fun.
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Companies want employees who can get along well, have critical thinking skills, and have great employee engagement to work toward common goals. Mind Twist Escape rooms are a special way to conduct a team building exercise to accomplish this and more!

Looking for a place for your next team building activity? Mind Twist Escapes has the perfect sized event space and four amazing escape games to choose from. This can be a great way for your team members to relax, engage with one another, and celebrate their achievements! Contact us today to learn more by calling (702) 410-9373 or contact us online.

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