Steampunk Escape Room

“Tomb of the Machina” is what the locals call this stretch of coast along the southeastern border of what used to be known as Texas. Rumor has it that an eccentric and talented inventor used to bend the rules and ethics of science with his machinations. The last time he was seen he was babbling something about living forever and set sail for an unknown destination. You are brave enough to look for him, but are you sure you want to know the truth of his fate?

You find his shrunken train at the bottom of the ocean, but you’re low on oxygen. Can you discover what happened to the mad scientist before your air runs out?

$35 /person
($40 on weekends)

Perfect for a date or a group day out. Would personal recommend going during the day because it’s all sober people and I LOVE the fact it’s private game. The room was challenging but extremely fun. A must see in Vegas ! X

– Kelly L. , Las Vegas, NV