Cannibal Escape Room, Las Vegas, NV

The Cannibal room is inspired by the story of the infamous serial killer Dr. Hannibal, who killed and ate his victims. Hannibal Lector has been behind bars for years, but it seems he has an admirer who is determined to become just as notorious.

You and a few of your peers from college were invited by your professor to have dinner at his house. He’s always seemed a little odd to you, but as a college student, you’ll always take a chance at free food. The night seems to be going well until you take a big drink of the wine he offered you. That was the last thing you remember.

Will you be able to outwit Dr. Lector and his protégé? Or are you about to participate in the worst dinner of your life?

(Cannibal Escape Room is a horror experience. Please let our staff know before your game if you are sensitive to tight spaces or loud noises, or if you want the scare factor lowered for your group, we are here for any questions or concerns, visit our contact page and reach out)

$35 /person
($40 on weekends)

This experience has really made my wife and I addicted to escape rooms, what a totally amazing experience.

– Jason H. , Los Angeles, CA