Alice's Dream

Our much anticipated room, Alice’s Dream, is finally open!

Welcome to Cowley Manor, a bed and breakfast in the UK. It’s a historical location that even contains the very room where Lewis Carrol wrote his masterpiece, Alice in Wonderland. You’ve had a long day touring the city and finally make it to your room at the inn. You sink into your bed and have very strange and colorful dreams . . . at least you think you’re dreaming, but you don’t remember ever falling asleep.

Can you make your way through Alice’s dream before the innkeeper wakes you?

For any questions visit our contact page.

$40 /person
($40 on weekends)

Help! I’m still trapped inside. Someone please rescue me.        The Riddles are too complicated and the puzzles too baffling. Please, someone get me out of here.

– Wild Yeti’.